The AetherCon Online RPG Convention is a gathering of pen and paper roleplaying gamers that will take place in cyberspace on the weekend of November 16-18/2012.

AetherCon is a free to attend, free to partake, non-profit initiative. Thoughout the weekend there will be a plethora of tabletop RPGs on offer for all to play in. Among those will be three, three part tournaments taking place over the three days of the event with final tables to be played on Sunday. All games will be run on the Roll20, a free, browser-based virtual table top. This program will allow GMs and players alike to simply click on a link in our Gaming or Tourney Halls and enter the playing area as opposed to needing to download and install the software to participate. 

In addition to the collection of RPG playing opportunities, vendors booths and live chat room Q&A sessions with industry personalities also are part of the lineup. A further highlight of the event is original artwork that will be released periodically throughout the next 12 months as free downloadable wallpapers. Convention attendees will have the opportunity to purchase prints of these and other works as well as attend live tutorials by those artists during AetherCon.

Our goal as organizers of this undertaking is to provide Online RPGers as a whole with a common stamping ground for a weekend in the spirit of the traditional tribal moot. Historically during these gatherings, which took place in a mutually agreed upon location, trading, discussion and various contests among other things took place under a truce between all attending. It is our hope that this undertaking will also prove to be a way for gamers of all stripes and all places to meet up and celebrate our favourite hobby together.