The Latest News from the AetherCon Online Tabletop RPG Convention

November 16-18 2012

In memory of Kristina Kaye Chesney (1991-2012)

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December/13/2012: Want to find your favourite panel from AetherCon? Check out the Fest Hall page. Simply scroll to the bottom where the schedule is posted and click on the link of the panel you want to watch.
November/23/2012: We would like to thank our panelists and those that helped run the panels. If I've missed a name, please forgive me. 
Travis Allison
Wolfgang Baur
James Carpio
Stephen Chenault
Ryan Costello Jr
Adam Daigle
Venus De Coy
Jeff Dee
Erik Evjen
Alyssa Faden
Jason Hardy
Ed Healy
Jamies Meiers
Pete Nash
Chris Perrin
Chris Pramas
Dave Przybyla
Bull Ratkovich
Mark Reed
Sean Reynolds
Steve Russell
Wes Schneider
Owen KC Stephen
Bryan Stiltz
James Sutter
Allen Talesien
Robert Thomsom
Steven Tinner
Charles White
Lawrence Whittaker
Richard Zayas
Russell Zimmerman
November/22/2012: All of the folks at AetherCon wish all of you folks in the US a Happy Thanksgiving.
November/21/2012: Today we want to thank the artists that helped with AetherCon 2012. 
Brent Chumley
Andre de Freitas Cardozo
Jaana Heiska
Will O'Brien
Axel E Alonso Bravo
Anton Kagounkin Magdalina
Patrick McEvoy
Kal Ortmann
Paul Abrams
November/20/2012: Today we'd like to thank our vendors that helped with AetherCON 2012
3 Waters Games 
Clockwork Gnome Publishing 
The Design Mechanism 
Heroic Journey Publications 
Immersion Studios 
Imperfekt Gammes 
November/19/2012: AetherCon would like to thank all of the staff of our event for doing yeoman's work over the weekend on getting our endeavour off of the ground. We'd also like to thank all the players and GMs that turned out to take part in the festivities. As well, we would like to at this time acknowledge the efforts of our vendors, artists, and fest hall guests for being a part of our efforts. Stay tuned folks, AetherCon 2013 is only a year away.