The following people have worked tirelessly during the last 24 months in organizing AetherCon and as such deserve a mention for their time and efforts in this regard.

Convention Staff

Stephen J. Holodinsky
Event Manager, Social Media Outreach
Ryan Costello Jr Guest Coordinator
Mike Williams Guest Liaison
Jon Gibbons Art Director
Kyle Williams GM Coordinator
Tyler Hudak GM Recruitment (Call of Cthulhu)
Paris Crenshaw GM Recruitment (Pathfinder)
Ray Rigel GM Recruitment (Shadowrun)
David Leemon Public Relations Coordinator
Leonard Arcilla Convention Calendar Coordinator
David Emswiler Bell and Scroll Liaison
Alec Jackson ConCentric Circle Liaison
Tom Olson Merchant's Guild Liaison
Jonathan Holt RPG Community Liaison
Michael Chumbler RPG Community Liaison
Sherman Sheftall Tree of Tribes Liaison
Gene-Allen Valdez Talking Drums Liaison
Michael Tedford Guest Research
Kristina Kate Chesney R.I.P (1991-2012) RPG Community Research
M.J.C. Faulkner Social Media Research
Sean Ulczycki Social Media Research
Nikolas Todd Wright Social Media Research

Day of Event Staff

Erik Jensen Floor Manager Coordinator
Chris Mata Floor Manager
Kyle Williams Floor Manager
Gene Valdez Floor Manager
Erik Evjen Fest Hall Staff Coordinator (The 23rd Stage)
Tavis Allison Chat Room Host (The Mule Abides)
Ryan Costello Jr Chat Room Host (3.5 Private Sanctuary)
Ed Healy Chat Room Host (Gamerati)
Edgar Johnson Chat Room Host (Edgar's Game Blog)
Austin Kazda Chat Room Host (The 23rd Stage)
Brandon Stanbrough Chat Room Host (Bring Your A-Game)
Mike Williams Chat Room Host (Bring Your A-Game)
Eric Kinkead Chat Moderator
William Lawlor Chat Moderator
David Leemon Chat Moderator
Billy Toal Chat Moderator
Sean Ulczycki Chat Moderator

Scenario Designers

Janne Andsten A Thousand and One Nights
Janne Andsten Mouse Guard
Leonard Arcilla Savage Worlds - Helfrost
Christi Baum Pathfinder
Curtis Baum Pathfinder
Jeremy Black Dark Heresy
Lane Burnside Savage Worlds - Necesary Evil
Kristina Kaye Chesney R.I.P (1991-2012)
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Michael Chumbler Serenity
Julian Constantino Pathfinder
Venus De Coy Pathfinder
John Dorman Dungeon Crawl Classics
Sean Evans Eclipse Phase
Jonathan Felber All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Marcus Flores Monster of the Week
Will Hammerand The Dresden Files
MJ Holmes Savage Worlds Tournament
Kyle Hood Leverage
Tyler Hudak Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed
Ben Isaacs Time Lord
Alec Jackson Pathfinder
Erik Jensen Labyrinth Lord
Shawn Lovelett WEG D6 Star Wars
Chris Mata Star Frontiers
Greg McClendon Dark Heresy
Dave Michael Steampunk Crescendo
Mark David Montgomery Shadowrun
Anthony Morris Savage Worlds - Runepunk
Bruce Paris Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed
Borna Pekarić Atomic Highway
Anthony Preece Savage Worlds - Deadlands Reloaded
Bernd Pressler Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Paul Robbins Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Brian Shocklee Pathfinder Tournament
Sebastian Sonne Paranoia
Michael Tedford Legend of the Five Rings
Ted Tunnell Mutants & Masterminds
Yilbber Vargas Palladium RIFTS
Kyle Williams Legend of the Five Rings
Nicole Williams Dragon Age
Dave Willett Revised Deluxe RECON

Technical Staff

Phil Davis Website Design
Stephen J. Holodinsky Website Design
Sebastian Sonne Database Technician
Ed Healy Stunt Technician
André de Freitas Cardozo Fest Hall Tavern Signs
Brian Shocklee Logo Design
Jonathan Felber Convention Program Production
Mike Williams Convention Program Editor

Roll20 Development Team

Riley Dutton Lead Developer
Nolan T. Jones Public Relations
Dylan Todd Logo Design
Devin Night Token Design
Jonathon Roberts Map Design