Understanding the GM Registration Tool


GM: Game Master's name

E-mail: Game Master's E-mail address

System: The game system and edition that will be used for the scenario. Examples: Pathfinder; Savage Words: Weird Wars; Shadowrun 4th ed.; Call of Cthulhu 6th ed. etc,

Setting: The setting in which the scenario will take place. Both published and homebrew are acceptable. Examples: Golarion, Alternate World War II, mid to late 2000s USA, 1920s USA, etc.

Length: The length of time the scenario is expected to last. Must be between 4 and 8 hours. This time includes any house rule explanations or character vetting that may need to be done by the GM.

Houserules: Is the game being run by the official rules published for the system by its designers or are there rules outside of those (houserules) being used?

Preferred Time (1 through 3): The GM's three most preferred timeslots for running this scenario.

Players Needed: Minimum and maximum number of players needed in order for this scenario to run. The maximum number will be listed on the schedule.

Characters Supplied: Whether or not the GM is supplying pre-generated characters.

Character Levels: The level of characters supplied by the GM or suitable for play in this scenario.

Enter: Once all necessary information has been entered, press the Enter Button to receive your confirmation code via email. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION CODE. You must have this code to claim the table assigned to your event at the convention.

Scenario Title and Premise: Title and a description of the opening scenario premise and suitable character levels (maximum of 490 characters).


GMs are required to be at the table assigned to them 45 minutes before the start of their session. Failure to comply with this will result in the forfeiture of that table.

General Info


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Preferred Time 2:
Preferred Time 3:
No. of Players Needed:
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Characters Supplied:
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Character Levels:
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