Understanding the Player Registration Tool

Name: Player's name
E-mail: Player's e-mail address (all confirmations will be sent to this address)
Events (Friday Saturday, Sunday): Each event menu lists the codes of the events scheduled to take place on that day. When you click on an event code, that code should appear in the 'Event Selected' square to the right. Check to make sure that the code in the 'Event Selected' square is indeed the one you want. Press the Enter button to receive a player confirmation code via e-mail. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR PLAYER CONFIRMATION CODE. You must have your confirmation code to claim a seat at the table of the game you have chosen. Once an event's seats have been filled, that event will no longer be selectable.
Only one player may register per e-mail address.
Players are required to be at their assigned table 30 minutes prior to the start of their event. Failure to comply with this will result in the forfeiture of their spot at that table.

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