Here's how you can learn to install and run Traipse Pious Paladin:

Below are step by step YouTube tutorial videos that use the current beta version of the software and will be updated as more developments take place.

Additionally Kenneth White will be running live one hour Pious Paladin demos using ustreamtv every Saturday at Noon EST (9 AM on Los Angeles, 5 PM in London, England); 4 PM EST (1 PM in Los Angeles, 9 PM in London England) and 7 PM EST (4 PM in Los Angeles, midnight in London, England) starting March/31/2012. You can contact Kenneth here.


Traipse Pious Paladin Install

Be sure to click on the red prompt in the screen of the tutorial after you re-boot your computer.
Traipse Pious Paladin Basics
Traipse Pious Paladin Map Module
Traipse Pious Paladin Campaign Skeleton
Traipse Pious Paladin Dice Mechanics
Traipse Pious Paladin Chat Module
Traipse Pious Paladin Card Game Module (Coming)