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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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All Hours Gaming For Those Around The World
This announcement was posted on 11/8/2015.

Are you overseas or just like being a night owl? AetherCon IV has some great games for you to burn the midnight oil by! Check out these games, some of which are run by game publishers. Also don't forget players that sit at any of these tables are eligible for the Open Gaming Prize Table. Those noted are also eligible for the Innovators Prize Bundle.

Check out the Prize Hall here

Grab your spot in these adventures here:

Colstaun is a hardy survivor community in a heavily forested vale. It's a safe haven - a good stopping point before striking out over the mountain pass to the next major town....or is it? Check out 'The Snake is Coming to Town' an Infected scenario run by its publisher Oliver Shead of Immersion Studios. Players at this table are eligible for the Innovators Prize Bundle. (1 slot left). This game runs on Friday/November/13 from 9:00 PM EST to 2 AM EST (Saturday)

Saturday early morning brings the following:

A scenario inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and run on the Apocalypse World Engine starts the early morning action on Saturday. Get in on 'Warboys will be Warboys' run by Mark Cookman. (4 slots left)

Cold War New York City is in the grip of terror. People are dying and the only clue is a blood-scrawled cartoon character captioned "Kilroy Was Here." Play in the Call of Cthulhu scenario 'Kilroy was Here' run by Riley Heffernan (1 slot left).

Something strange is happening in San Francisco and only a few people are noticing. Grab a spot at Earl Bingham's Chill 3rd Edition table 'To Live and Die in Chinatown' (6 slots left)

All three of the above games start Saturday/November/14 at 3 AM EST (Midnight in Los Angeles, 9 AM in Berlin, 11 AM in Moscow, Noon in Dubai, 4 PM in Hong Kong, 5 PM in Melbourne)

These are some of the games taking place Saturday evening:

Deniable is about decidedly average British people coerced into participating in “operations of national importance” by a shadowy espionage organization. This comedic romp through the spy world is run by its author, Joe Sweeney of Storyweaver Games. Players at this table are eligible for the Innovators Prize Bundle (3 slots left).

Rock Band to the Rescue! The DnD5th Ed adventure 'Dracotine' run by Dusque pits an all-Bard party against some nasties from below. Only 3 more slots for Sitar Heroes available!

Didn't get enough of Immersion Studios on Friday night? Oliver Shead returns with 'Someone's got the Munchies' where the party investigates the theft of food stores from a town now at the tipping point of starvation. Players at this table are eligible for the Innovators Prize Bundle (2 slots left).

The three above tables run on Saturday/November/14 from 9 PM EST to 2 AM EST (Saturday)

Early morning Sunday brings the following:

A near miss with a stray cat brings the party in contact with witch haunted Arkham. Play the second installment of Riley Heffernan's 'Paperclip clippings' series of Call of Cthulhu scenarios 'Luther' (2 slots left).

Finally for all you Warhammer fans out there, a holy relic from the Swiety Cathedral on Siostra has been taken by the Ruinous Powers and it is up to you to recover it. Grab a place at Sean Ulczycki's Only War table 'For the Emperor!'(5 slots left).

Both of the above games start Sunday/November/15 at 3 AM EST (Midnight in Los Angeles, 9 AM in Berlin, 11 AM in Moscow, Noon in Dubai, 4 PM in Hong Kong, 5 PM in Melbourne)

On November 13-15, come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!

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