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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Thank you!
This announcement was posted on 11/22/2015.

AetherCon would like to thank the following individuals and companies. 

Without their support our event this year would not have been possible:


Anvil Alley


Bombshell Miniatures

DGS Games

Diehard Miniatures

Dragon Bait Miniatures

Games Workshop

Impact Miniatures

Kaha Miniatures

Midlam Miniatures

Midwest Miniatures Guy

Mutha Oith Creations

Otherworld Miniatures

Ral Partha Europe

Reaper Miniatures

The Forge of Ice

Warploque Miniatures


Artists Enclave


Wallpaper Artists:


Paul Abrams

Jacob Blackmon

Colin Chan

Benjamin Galley

Dion Harris

Brian LeBlanc

Chris Malidore

Will O'Brien

Preston Stone

David Michael Wright


Speed Painting Duelists:


Bruno Balixa

Jacob Blackmon

Colin Chan

Marisa Erven

Benjamin Galley

Dion Harris

Chris Malidore

Eric Messinger

Vlada Monakhova

Will O'Brien

Char Reed

Devin Rosychuk

Seth Rutledge

Adam Schmidt

Patricia Smith

Preston Stone

Cathy Wilkins




Michael Chaney - Onyx Path Publishing

Hal Mangold - Green Ronin Publishing

Alida Saxon - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Cat Tobin - Pelgrane Press

Bear Weiter - Monte Cook Games

Charles Wright - Frog God Games


Fest Hall




Aaron Acevedo - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Curtis Baum - D3 Adventures

Wolfgang Baur - Kobold Press

Matteo Botti - Tin Hat Games

Gary Brown - Hazard Studio

Paul Caughell - D3 Adventures

Michael Chaney - Onyx Path Publishing

J.P. Chapleau - First Ones Entertainment

Chris Clark - Eldritch Enterprises

Bruce Cordell - Monte Cook Games

Jeff Dee - Monkey House Games

Christopher J. De La Rosa - Hunters Books

Sean Patrick Fannon - Evil Beagle Games

Brian 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick - Moebius Adventures

Ed Greenwood - The Ed Greenwood Group

Kevin Glusing - Samurai Sheepdog

Amanda Hamon Kunz - Paizo

Jason Hardy - Catalyst Game Labs

Josh Harrison - FASA Games

Mary Harrison - FASA Games

Steven T. Helt - Four Horsemen

Shane Hensley - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Sterling Hershey - Sterling Hershey

Andy Hopp - Mutha Oith Creations

Calvin Johns - Anthropos Games

Tim Kask - Eldritch Enterprises

Patrick Keith - Bombshell Miniatures

Mike Lafferty - Fainting Goat Games

Eloy Lasanta - Third Eye Games

Jay Little - Freelance

Steven S Long - Hero Games

Justin Andrew Mason - AAW Games

Mike Mason - Chaosium

Stuart McDermid - Storyweaver Games

John R. L. McNabb - McNabb Games

Frank Mentzer - Eldritch Enterprises

Shawn Merwin - Encoded Designs

Adam Meyers - Drop Dead Studios

Emily Mottesheard - Mottfolio Designs

Jason Nelson - Legendary Games

Michael O'Brian - Chaosium

Katrina Ostrander - Fantasy Flight Games

Stephen Radney-MacFarland - Paizo

Andrew Ragland - FASA Games

Jeff Richard - Chaosium

Alessandro Rivaroli - Tin Hat Games

Walt Robillard - Hazard Studio

Alida Saxon - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Oliver Shead - Immersion Studios

Ade Smith - Fainting Goat Games

Jeremy Smith - Dreamscarred Press

Chris Sniezak - Encoded Designs

Manuel Strali - Tin Hat Games

Dominique Sumner - Hazard Studio

Joe Sweeney - Storyweaver Games

Dr. Jason Tondro - Fainting Goat Games

Ivan Van Norman - Hunters Books

Phil Vecchione - Encoded Designs

Rachel Ventura - Legendary Games

David Villegas - Gamer Nation

Jason Walter - Hero Games

Eddy Webb - Onyx Path Publishing

Bear Weiter - Monte Cook Games

Christopher West - Maps of Mastery

Jason Wiebe - Cargo Cult Miniatures




Ant - The Gathering of Dorks

John - Arcadian - Gnome Stew

Wayne Basta - Gamer Nation

Ron Blessing - Ron and His Amazing Friends

Aaron Burton - Geek Menagerie

Garrett Crowe - Threats from Galifrey

Ben Erickson - Gamer Nation

Keith Kappel - Fantasy Flight Freelance

Mark Knapik - Queen City Conquest

Peter L - Tabletop Talk

Cindy Moore - DnD Adventurers League

James O - Tabletop Talk

 Nick O - Tabletop Talk

Walt Robillard - BAMF

Dustin Smith - Star City Savages

Chris Sniezak - Misdirected Mark Productions

Justin Suzuki - Smiling Jack's Bar & Grill

Phil Vecchione - Misdirected Mark Productions

Chris Witt - Gamer Nation


Prize Hall


Adventure-A-Week Games

Anthropos Games


D3 Adventures

Dreamscarred Press

Drop Dead Studios

Eldritch Enterprises

Fabled Environments

FASA Games

First Ones Entertainment

Gygax Magazine

Hazard Studio

Hunters Books

Immersion Studios

Inner City Game Design

Judges Guild

Legendary Games

McNabb Games

Moebius Adventures

Monster Miniatures

Monte Cook Games

Multiverse Comics & Games

Mystical Throne Entertainment


Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Post World Games

Samurai Sheepdog

Storyweaver Games

Third Eye Games

Tin Hat Games


Vendors Hall


Anthropos Games

Catalyst Game Labs


D3 Adventures

Drop Dead Studios

Eldritch Enterprises

Encoded Designs

Evil Beagle Games

Fainting Goat Games


First One's Entertainment

Hazard Studio

Hunters Books

Immersion Studios (AUS)

Legendary Games

McNabb Games

Moebius Adventures

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Storyweaver Games (AUS)

Third Eye Games

Tin Hat Games (ITA)


Event Staff


Edward Clower

Garrett Crowe

Jesse R. Davis

Hal Greenberg

Tom Haswell

Stephen J. Holodinsky

Mortis Logan

Stephen Jacobs

Brad Kelley

Ben Kramer

Chris Malidore

Justin Andrew Mason

John McNabb

Emily Mottesheard

Lucas Servideo

Brian Shocklee




Earl Bingham

Jacob Blackmon

Casey Clark

Robert Fairbanks

Will Hammerand

Ed Possing

Shea Reinke


and finally we would like to thank you for coming out on AetherCon Weekend and playing our games, watching the panels and Q&As, checking out the speedpainting and shopfronts, voting on the art and miniatures, and bringing our event to life.

See you November 11-13/2016 for AetherCon V!

AetherCon VI • Online RPG Convention • November 10-12, 2017
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