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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Themed Panels Round 1
This announcement was posted on 1/5/2016.

With the start of the new year, AetherCon is happy to bring you the first set of our Themed Panel conversions from ACIV. Listen to the pros talk about RPG Writing, Self-Publishing, RPG Art, and Miniatures. 

Our first panel is “Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry” with guests are Paul Chughell of D3 Adventures and Michael O’Brien of Chaosium. The panel is moderated by Keith Ryan Kappel, a Freelancer working with Fantasy Flight Games. Click here to see the full video.

Our second panel is “Movable Type: How to Self-Publish” with guests Chris Clark of Eldritch Enterprises and Brian Fitzpatrick of Moebius Adventures, moderated by James Olsen of Tabletop Talk. Click here to see the full video.

Next on our list is “Painting by the Numbers: Getting Started as an Artist in the Gaming Industry” with guests Aaron Acevedo of Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Bear Weiter of Monte Cook Games, moderated by Nick Millman of Tabletop Talk. Click here to see the full video.

Last but not least, “Miniatures: Sculpt it and They will Paint” with guests Jason Wiebe of Cargo Cult Miniatures and Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures, moderated by Peter L of Tabletop Talk. Click here to see the full video.

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