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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
  • David Michael Wright III
    Arc Dream Publishing
    Triple Ace Games
    Miskatonic University Podcast
    Hunters Entertainment LLC
    Paths to Adventure
  • Aenor Miniatures
    Spartacus Publishing
    Galileo Games
    Campaign Mastery
    Star City Savages
  • Casting Shadows
    Table Warfare Ltd
    Demented Games
    McNabb Games
    Drop Dead Studios
    TimeLine Ltd.
  • Fantasy Flight Games
    White Wolf Publishing
    Columbia Games
    BrigadeCon 2017
    Francesca Baerald
  • Arcanum Syndicate
    Ennead Games
    Multiverse Comics & Games
    Lion Tower Miniatures
    The Wonders of Thedas
  • New Millennium Games
    Oakbound Studio
    Fabled Environments
    Bombshell Miniatures
  • Scotia Grendal
    Silver Gryphon Games
    Marisa Erven
    DnD Adventurer's League
  • Ulisses North America
    Hebanon Games
    Frog God Games
    Storyweaver Games
    Shiny Games
    Black Hat Miniatures
  • FASA Games
    Dragon Bait Miniatures
    The Dice Pool Podcast
    Goodman Games
    Creature A Week
  • Hazard Studio
    Third Eye Games
    Samurai Sheepdog
    Four Horsemen
    Black Book Editions
    Google Hangouts

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More AetherCon Goodies
This announcement was posted on 6/19/2015.

Excitement is building for AetherCon IV, with Players, Game Masters, and Publishers getting registered and announcing their participation in games, discussions, and competition. Here’s an update on some of our latest additions to the participant Prize Bundles. Chaosium, Inc. (http://www.chaosium.com), renowned provider of RPGs, Board Games, and Card Games, is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and ramping up for the 35th anniversary of Call of Cthulhu, based on the simultaneously beloved and horrifying fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.  The first 25 GMs to pre-register a game at AetherCon IV before June 30th, and then run that game, will receive a Prize Bundle that includes an electronic copy of the updated Call of Cthulhu Rulebook.  And someone participating in this event is going to win a Call of Cthulhu Core Rulebook signed by co-author Mike Mason. 

StoryWeaver has returned in a BIG way for AetherCon IV.  In addition to electronic copies of the core rulebooks for High Space, Rapture, and Hael for pre-registered GMs and Players, there will be opportunities to win signed copies of their new, awesome, not-even-available-for-cash-money-yet satirical game Deniable!  For details on these items and the other products available from StoryWeaver, head over to http://www.storyweaver.com
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