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AetherCon VII November 9-11, 2018 Online RPG Convention
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Even More Great Publisher-Run Games at AetherCon V
This announcement was posted on 9/6/2016.

Today we’re happy to announce even more publisher-run events for AetherCon V’s online convention this November 11-13...

  • Here comes the bride! The town of Shusoro has been a safe, quiet home to humans and kitsune alike for generations. But when strange occurrences begin plaguing the town after a wedding announcement, it’s up to a group of foreign adventurers to set things right in Alexander Augunas' 'A Fox's Wedding, Act I' adventure for Pathfinder RPG (Friday/November/11, 7 PM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by Everyman Gaming, LLC.

  • A brutal ambush is planned for one of Pappa Doc's trains. The only way to stop the catastrophe is for the PCs to venture into a dreaded Black Zone - crawling with Infected in Oliver R Shead's 'Black Zone' adventure for Immersion RPG (Friday/November/11, 7 PM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by Immersion RPG (www.immersion-rpg.com and www.infected.immersion-rpg.com).

  • Your adventuring party has been ambushed by bandits and now you are alone and lost deep in the forest. You'll have to fight for survival to get to the nearest town in Cecil Howe's 'Survival of the Fittest!' adventure for Shadow Of The Demon Lord (Friday/November/11, 7 PM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by Schwalb Entertainment (schwalbentertainment.com).

  • When one half of a split singularity is stolen by terrorist forces while being transported to its wormgate-housing, things were bound to get messy. The Intervention Agency has assembled a discrete task force of Wildcards to track down the terrorists and recover the singularity in Dr. Joe Sweeney's 'Split Singularity: High-Space Uplifted' adventure for Savage Worlds (Friday/November/11, 7 PM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by StoryWeaver Games: (www.storyweaver.com).

  • The Headmaster of The Veiled Lyceum University is offering a magickal boon for any persons that safely return his missing apprentice in John R.L. McNabb's 'The Obsidian Spire' adventure for Morgalad Fantasy RPG / 4D6 (Saturday/November/12, 9 AM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by McNabb Games (www.mcnabbgames.com).

  • Experience the science-fiction/fantasy Aethera Campaign Setting in the introductory adventure, Beacon in the Black, by author Isabelle Lee in Robert Brookes's 'Aethera: Beacon in the Black' adventure for Pathfinder RPG (Saturday/November/12, 2 PM EST). This publisher game is sponsored by Encounter Table Publishing (www.aetherarpg.com).
Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!

AetherCon VI • Online RPG Convention • November 10-12, 2017
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