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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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More Prizes for the Prize Hall
This announcement was posted on 10/1/2016.

The last of the Treasure carts is rolling in to add to the AetherCon V Hoard. Today we bring you a trove fit for a dragon. 

Black Hat Miniatures brings us Heroes and Wizards, Minotaur Mage, and Court of the Chaos Queen

Rocket Pig treats us to a Deluxe Catapult fit for any castle siege.

Rouge Blade Games takes us through the Chronicles of Aerthe Core Rulebook

Schwab Games sends us on an expedition to free the land from the Shadow of the Demon Lord

Playground Adventures brings us Toolkits and Toyboxes and Creature Components to help aspiring game masters fill their dungeons.

Monster Miniatures unleashes the Boarclops into the arena.

Pelgrane Press brings us The Dubai Reckoning and The Long Con

Northumbrian Tin Soldiers brings us the Time Robbers and Ultimate Evil

Finally FASA is working quickly to add to the horde so check back into our Prize Hall to see what they and many others have to over and support them as they support us!

Head over to the AetherCon V Prize Hall to see how you can be eligible for these prizes and more!

Then join us November 11-13th for AetherCon V and be a part of the dice rolls heard round the world!

AetherCon VI • Online RPG Convention • November 10-12, 2017
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