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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Player Registration Now Open! Earlybird Player Prize Bundle Qualifiers!
This announcement was posted on 10/3/2016.

With one month left to go until AetherCon V we switch gears from Player pre-registration into full Player registration.

If you are on the list below you qualify for the Earlybird Player Prize Bundle. All you need to do is play your game to win:

Mark Adler - Postcards from the Edge
Jason Stierle - Survival of the Fittest!
Ed Possing - Pandora's Box
Kenneth Kessenger - Herald of the Yellow King
Kathy Lambert - Herald of the Yellow King
Thomas T - The Assimilation Strain
Regina Hart - Black Powder, Black Magic
Kyle Thompson - Pandora's Box
Morgan Hua - Herald of the Yellow King
William Michels - Aethera Campaign Setting: Beacon in the Black
Rick Sardinas - Herald of the Yellow King
Jeremy Olson - Dragon Trouble
Logan H - Herald of the Yellow King
Magnus Nordlander - Welcome to "The Game": An Unwritten Adventure
John Boudewijn - Herald of the Yellow King
Randy Saxon - Rotten Bonds
John Clower - The Lost Fortress
Ben Kramer - Dark Pits of Triburn
Dartanian McLevish - The Derelict
Greg Farrell - Mythrus Tower
Barbara Whiston - Mythrus Tower
Evan Dooner - Mythrus Tower
Ronan O'Byrne - Mythrus Tower
john meek - Black Powder, Black Magic

We still have a whole host of games from High Fantasy through High Space. Publisher’s games, Organized play, and even open gaming tables.

So start your engines and grab your spot at a table by registering for a game at the AetherCon V website:


Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!

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