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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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AetherCon V Prize Winners
This announcement was posted on 11/16/2016.

AetherCon V was fun for all the Players, Game Masters, and Artists.  But some people ended up with more than just a good time!  Congratulations to the following winners of various prizes that were awarded during AetherCon V:

Morgan Hua
Reuben Hinman
Asia Dyer
Brad Black
Gian Holland
Edo Sacham
Christopher Nelson
Chris Swortwood
Eran Aviram
Christopher Meid
John Boudewijn
Shannon Mac
Kristopher Redmond
Amy Black
Justin Osborne
Christopher Hunt
Jim Minz
David Godsell
Andrew Watson
Walt Gordon
Ulfur Thrainsson
Kevin Gusling
Kelly Ohl
Mark Valente
Dave Weiss
Gabriel Tang
Thomas T.
Peter Sotos
Benjamin Kramer
John Dorman
Garrett Nay
Sam Dester
Chris Mowthorpe

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