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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
  • Tri Tac Games
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    DnD Adventurer's League
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    Arcania Adventures
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  • Shades of Vengeance
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    BrigadeCon 2017
    Campaign Mastery

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The Prize Hall Grows
This announcement was posted on 7/17/2015.

The list of Publishers and Purveyors of Gaming Goodness pledging Prize Support for AetherCon IV continues to grow.  An early supporter, Post World Games is the originator of the Protocol game series, a zero-prep vignette-based RPG for three or more players.  For pre-registered GameMasters and Players, Post World is providing the choice of a single title from the Protocol series, and are also including a copy of The Solomon Guild, a collection of 35 NPCs for FATE, Pathfinder, and other d20 systems.

Samurai Sheepdog is also stepping up with a fantastic prize.  Their recently-released RPG ruleset “The Awakened” is set in the world of Grimaton, where a select few of the world’s populace wake up one morning to find they now have some form of mystical power.  Is it a gift, or a curse?  And how will the world around them react to this awakening?  In our own world, two attendees of AetherCon IV are going to awaken to find they now have a softcover copy of The Awakened, signed by five-time ENnie nominated game designer Hal Greenberg!

Want to stay up to date on all the prize bundles?  Head over to the AetherCon Prize Hall

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