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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Baublebrook's Bazaar Opens
This announcement was posted on 7/24/2015.

Do you camp outside your local store the night before the release of your favourite RPG? Do you find yourself creating space on your shelves a month before long awaited minis roll out? Do you arranging and re-arranging your wall space to make room for an illustration the artist you like the most has yet to paint? Are you afflicted by (cue screeching violin chorus) Bargain Bin Madness? 

Fear not, the solution is at hand. AetherCon brings you Baublebrook's Bazaar. During AC IV weekend visit the tents of our favourite halfling to find great stuff for great prices. All 55 booths at AetherCon will be here. Browse through the shop fronts of RPG publishers, Miniature Makers, and Industry Artists and grab up the specials before Black Friday.

Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!

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