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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
  • Ulisses North America
    Anthropos Games
    DnD Adventurer's League
    Paths to Adventure
    Creature A Week
    Multiverse Comics & Games
  • Liisa Lee Voiceover
    Simian Circle Games LLC.
    Rising Phoenix Games
    JVC Parry
    FASA Games
    Alternative Armies
  • Paizo
    Rogue Genius Games
    Mantic Games
    Atlantis Miniatures
    Dion Harris
  • Arcanum Syndicate
    Lance & Laser Miniatures
    Miskatonic University Podcast
    Anton Kagounkin Magdalina
    Chris Malidore
    Awful Good Games
  • d20radio's Gamer Nation Blog
    Third Eye Games
    Hazard Studio
    Sci-Fi Writers/Old School D&D
    Ennead Games
    Fantasy Flight Games
  • Thistle Games
    Tricky Troll Games
    GG Studio
    Diehard Miniatures
    Google Hangouts
    Intermedia Anymeeting
  • The Dice Pool Podcast
    The Mythic Gazetteer
    Drop Dead Studios
    Will O'Brien
    Shiny Games
    Lost Kingdom Miniatures
  • Jetpack7
    Colin Chan
    Demented Games
    New Millennium Games
    Gunmeister Games Pty Ltd
  • Kismet Rose
    Keith Kappel
    Grimforge Miniatures
    Immersion Studios
    Legendary Games
    Shades of Vengeance
  • Eric Messinger
    Mystical Throne Entertainment
    Aenor Miniatures
    Bruno Balixa
    David Michael Wright III
    Samurai Sheepdog

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Summer Roundtable Series
This announcement was posted on 6/3/2015.

Aethercon gladly assembles the movers and shakers in the roleplaying game industry to sit back, let their hair down... and let us understand the people behind the games.

This summer, get into the minds of Sean Patrick Fannon (Evil Beagle Games), Sam Stewart (Fantasy Flight Games), and Shane Hensley (Pinnacle Entertainment Group) among others. 

Visit Aethercon.com throughout the summer to view vidchats featuring your favorite game designers. Also, stay tuned to Aethercon on Facebook for announcements about when the vidchats will be recorded live. You can watch the interview live and provide the moderators with your own questions for the panelists.

AetherCon IV is Friday, November 13th through Saturday, November 15th online. Visit www.aethercon.com to play your favorite tabletop RPG, take in live publisher Q&As, themed panels, watch the speed painting duels and vote for which one you like best, browse the many shop fronts in Baublebrook's Bazaar, or take part in the voting of the inaugural Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Rogue Miniature Painting Tourney. 

AetherCon VI • Online RPG Convention • November 10-12, 2017
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