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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Random Encounter Bundle Details
During registered play, members of the AetherCon VI Staff will drop in on active games. A player will be chosen at random to receive a prize from this bundle.
(# of Random Encounter Bundle Bundles being Awarded: 1)

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The Random Encounter Bundle contains the following prize items:

Prize Provided by
Anthropos Games
Early Dark RPG (Hardcover)

The Early Dark Role-Playing Game features a powerful d10 mechanic that relies on both open-ended creativity and systematic strategy. It's a unique game set in a gritty, realistic world. Your characters are cultural heroes in the making who must perform bold, noble actions while at the same time paying their dues to the local communities from which they come. Gain fame and build a reputation with the people who care about you while at the same time saving the world! If they don't write myths about you, you aren't doing it right! 

This Early Dark corebook has everything needed to play, design encounters, setup campaigns, and buff up your heroes long into the campaign. 

Prize Provided by
FASA Games
Earthdawn Player's Guide (Softcover)

An age of magic once existed in our world. Lost to history, this time is remembered in the echoes of myth and legend. Humans lived alongside the other Namegiver races—dwarf and elf, troll and ork, windling, t’skrang and obsidiman. The wild places of the world were home to griffins, shadowmants, and other fantastic beasts.

The land was once besieged by the Horrors, foul creatures from the depths of astral space that sought to feed upon and destroy all that was living and good. Their time—the time of the Scourge—has passed, and the people have returned to the surface, reclaiming the lands that were once their home.

Brave heroes band together to explore the land of Barsaive, fighting the Horrors that remain, and protecting their homes and families from those that would enslave them.

The Player’s Guide provides you with the rules for playing characters from First to Eighth Circle, with all the talents, spells, and other tools needed to forge your own legends in the Earthdawn Roleplaying Game!

Prize Provided by
FASA Games
1879 Players Guide (Softcover)

This isn't your great-great-grandfather's London!

The 1879 Players Guide provides everything needed to play the game for characters in the Initiate, Novice, and Journeyman Tiers of advancement, from character generation to combat and from obscure magic to the latest in Victorian technology. An overview of the game world is included for player reference, along with multiple short fiction examples of the sorts of stories that can be told! From the heights of society to the depths of the criminal underworld, from the high street of London to the mountains of the Gruv, adventure is calling. There are worlds to explore, fortunes to be won, and battles to be fought.

Prize Provided by
Hunters Entertainment LLC
Outbreak: Deep Space (Hardcover)


Outbreak: Deep Space is a Sci-Fi Survival Horror RPG that allows you to create your own nightmare world in the realm of Deep Space. Created using the same gritty, deadly, and unforgivable settings that you’d expect from the creators of Outbreak: Undead.
O:DS is a open world system that allows you to build 3 types of settings of Horror:

Infestation -
Creatures who mutate or bend the laws of nature, be it man-made or extraterrestrial.

Invasion -
Aliens with vastly superior technology to our own. This isn't war, it's slaughter. 

Trans Dimensional -
Vast Horrors from another reality, bending time and space and twisting the minds of man in it's wake.

For Players:
Choose from a wide variety of Character options, even use yourself as a template to build off of for immediate immersion!
Fluid Chracter Advancements and Unique party Roles (be the 'morale center', or 'gun nut' of the group!).
Fully customizable gear options to make any weapon, armor or device your sci-fi imagination can devise!
Go on GM designated 'Missions' to earn Survival Points and unlock a Finale to your Survival Horror Adventure!
For GM's:

As your players generate 'RISK' with their actions, you can choose to use RISK to purchase a wide variety of hazards and upgrades during the game!
A simple Encounter Based System, which keeps gameplay either scripted and structured, or fast and loose!
Run Single Session Horrors or Sweeping Campaigns of Terror
Build Dread Slowly, or create action/adventure moments of gameplay!
Random Scenario Generators

No two games will ever be alike, as the ability to generate random scenario objectives, will allow a GM to experiment and weave narratives to link the randomly generated events together. Storytelling just got a lot easier now that you know the main plot points! The GM is always free to invent their own objectives and, more importantly, their own dramatic endings

We don't ask the Question *If* you're going to die. But *how* and *what will you accomplish* in that time?

Prize Provided by
Legendary Games
Gothic Campaign Compendium (signed hardback)

The Gothic Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games is a beautiful 256-page hardback of lavishly detailed and lushly illustrated Gothic glory that will enliven and enrich any campaign that dabbles in the realms of horror. Within you will find:

  • Over two dozen feats like Cultic Opiate, Flagellant Focus, Summon Star-Spawn, and Heart Ripper
  • Archetypes like the Deviant wizard and Xenocidist ranger, along with new class abilities from alchemical discoveries like Aberrant Mutagen and Mutation Bomb to bardic masterpieces like Dance of the Empty Moons and Pnakotic Fugue.
  • Over 70 brand-new horror-themed spells, from necrophagy to ancient mysteries, cannibalism to alien horrors from beyond the stars.
  • Over two dozen malevolent monsters and terrifying templates like the bloodthirsty manikin, cyberphrenic tadpole, and living crematory.
  • 30 new magic items dripping with creepiness, from minor consumables to artifact-level.
  • Eight richly developed Gothic NPCs are contained here as well, each with a detailed history and connections to the official Gothic horror Adventure Path but easily usable in any campaign as rivals or allies.
  • Three complete adventures by Greg Vaughan, Jason Nelson, and Clark Peterson, two for beginning-level characters and one for 10th-level characters.
  • An entire chapter devoted to running a Gothic campaign, including alien invasions, mad scientists, mutants, madness, and the mythos.
  • A gallery of creature illustrations, character portraits, foldable paper minis, and player-friendly maps, perforated for easy removal and use at the table.
If you are incorporating horror themes in your Pathfinder RPG campaign, this an indispensable resource for chilling surprises and horrifying new possibilities to your game. Brought to you by the Legendary Games team of Jason Nelson, Neil Spicer, Greg Vaughan, Clinton Boomer, and Clark Peterson, the Gothic Campaign Compendium has everything you need to Make Your Game Legendary.

This compilation  includes the entire line of Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses, To Serve A Prince Undying, Spellbones Of The Devourer, The Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha, On the Unseen Calculus of Inverse Refraction, plus The Mad Doctor's Formulary, Construct Codex, Treasury Of The Macabre,Tomes Of Ancient Knowledge, Cultic Cryptomancia, Beyond the Void, Gothic Heroes, Mutant Manifesto, Feasting at Lanterngeist, The Murmuring Fountain, and The Fiddlers Lament

Prize Provided by
McNabb Games
The Scouts of Whitefall (softcover)

Deep in the snows between the setting sun and the rising moon, the ork-kin of Ogrymym'non ran the adventurer's to the ground. The fifth day out from Courolempierre, a mere three day's from the solstice, they found themselves surrounded, low on provisions, and foot-sore with a fight before them. Fortune, it is said, favors the bold. They took a few huddled moments  to sharpen their blades, and throw off their pack's. Tonight they would escape the foul ork kin, or they would sup together in the halls of the gods.

The Scouts of Whitefall is an adventure for the Morgalad Game System by John R. L. McNabb.

Prize Provided by
Moebius Adventures
Choice of Mazes and Perils Deluxe Edition or The Snakes Heart adventure for M&P (Softcover)

Mazes and Perils Deluxe Edition

The Mazes & Perils Role-playing Game (MnP) takes a page from the first wave of the Old School Renaissance (OSR) when it wasn’t OLD at all… Inspired by the 1977 “Holmes” edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game, it shuns pages and pages of rules for a simpler time when House rules were the order of the day.

First released in 2012, MnP drew a line on the map of OSR retroclones as something easy to pick up and play where your heroes weren’t superheroes. There are no superpowers here. Fighters have swords and armor. Clerics have their faith. Thieves skulk in the shadows seeking better items to steal. And Magic-Users sling magics at their foes until they run out of spells. This style of gaming is about grit and wit – and if you die, it must be time to roll up a new character.

The original book was awarded a Gold Ennie Award in 2013 for "Best Free RPG" and now we've updated it with even more great content!

Now in 2016, Vince Florio and I have been working on a new version of MnP – with some new classes, new spells, new optional rules, and a new look! Mazes & Perils Deluxe offers everything you liked about the original with a new coat of paint and a few new tools in the toolbox! New bits include:

New Class – The Enchanter – along with 20+ new spells in his arsenal
New Class – The Shaman – along with nearly 20 new spells of his own
Rules for Variable Damage for Weapons and Variable Hit Dice
New layout, more art, and plenty of editing
Come check out a blast from the past and see why OSR is alive and well!

The Snake's Heart

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally release the revised version of The Snake’s Heart for Mazes & Perils to the world. This is a greatly expanded version of the adventure we first released in 2015 for Swords & Wizardry.

Old adventure: 4,000 words, 19 digest-sized pages (including cover)
New adventure: 12,500 words, 34 full-sized pages (including front and back cover)
Stats redone for Mazes & Perils
Maps completely redone by Kris McDermott (Elhann village map) and George Fields (all of the tower maps)
Art has gone from 3 pieces and a piece of clip art to 5 custom pieces from Del Teigeler, Peter Saga, and Mickey Fitzpatrick, new spot art, and a custom new layout and cover from layout artist Robert Denton
The new book has 25 pages of content, with details on:

The Village of Elhann
The Cult of the Serpent Queen
The Serpent Queen herself
Clerics of the Serpent
And new magic items

Prize Provided by
Pangolin Press
Salt in Wounds Package

Winner of this item will receive a softcover copy of The Adequate Commoner and one package of Tarrasque Jerky.  OK, It's actually alligator jerky.  But it comes in a cool Tarrasque Jerky package!

Prize Provided by
Paths to Adventure
Big Book of Maps (Hardcover)

The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games is a cartography collection containing over 200 maps designed for use with your favorite tabletop roleplaying games created by professional fantasy cartographer Justin Andrew Mason. 

Perhaps you ...
Need a treasure trove of maps at the ready for the adventure or campaign you're writing?
Want a ready-to-use codex of over 200 maps to utilize on-the-fly when player characters take an unexpected turn?

Labels on the maps are language-ambiguous (numbers and single letters only), making the entire map collection useful no matter the native language of users

Most maps are geared towards a fantasy setting, though a few will likely have potential of crossing genres. The focus of this collection is dungeon maps, but also includes various subterranean complexes like caverns, tunnels and mines, as well as useful map locales such as ships and urban environments including city dwellings.

Included with this hardbound edition is a PDF collection of the maps, suitable for use on your favorite virtual tabletop system.

Prize Provided by
Silver Gryphon Games
Wellstone City (softcover)

Good people live and work in the city. They carry out their lives and they try to ignore the crime and vice that exists all around them.

This is not their story.

This is not their City.

This is Wellstone.

Life in the big city is tough, no matter if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel or living high on the hog. The worth of a man is often measured by the price on his head and the amount of lead needed to bring him down. There is money to be made as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, no matter what side of the law you’re closest to.

Inside these pages you will find:

Full bookmarks for all chapters and major sections in the book
New Edges, Hindrances, and Setting Trappings geared for the dark alleys and gritty streets of Wellstone City
Over 50 pages of setting description and a detailed history of Wellstone City
NPCs, Crime Families and Organizations, Locations, and important people in the city
An introductory adventure, Public Transit Assassins
Public Transit Assassins is an adventure for Novice level characters or higher that demonstrates that life in Wellstone is tough. Sometimes you have to walk to a job, sometimes you have to do what you can with what you have; sometimes you have to take the bus.

Prize Provided by
Star Hat Miniatures
Star Hat Party Pack

From Star Hat Miniatures, the winner will receive the Star Hat Party Pack, containing miniatures from Star Hat's latest Kickstarter, Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III!  The Party Pack features a total of 17 miniature figures, including legendary heroes such as Victor the Exhumer, Ganduck the Wizzard, and Vel'Qhar the Peeper!

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