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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Open Gaming Prize Table Item Details
Prize Table Draws based on number of lots, each confirmed player at an open/publisher table is eligible. The more games played, the more entries made.
(# of Open Gaming Prize Table Item Bundles being Awarded: 1)

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The Open Gaming Prize Table Item contains the following prize items:

Prize Provided by
Anthropos Games
Fantaji Universal RPG (softcover)


Ever wonder what your favorite developers for those other RPG companies get up to late at night at Gen Con? What about that celebrity Dungeon Master? What do your favorite cosplayers do after attending their panels at the country's longest-running anime convention?  Well, a lot of them have been playing Fantaji with us. What started as an experiment in boutique, backroom game design has grown into the coolest universal engine around.

The new Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game features a sharp d10 system that stays simple and concise without ever feeling "lite" or "generic." Despite being easy to learn and portable to any world or campaign setting, the corebook provides tools for a deep and thematic role-playing experience right out of the box. 

All the rules of play right at the beginning of the book
Build a deep, three-dimensional character in minutes (even your first time)
Tons of examples on every page, with extended examples of scenes and campaigns
Features 4 original campaign settings and 11 "mods" to help you localize Fantaji to your own world
Gorgeous, full-color art throughout
Excellent for extended campaigns and one-off adventures both, even with your favorite minis!
FAMILY FRIENDLY! We've played with kids as young as four. Really. No, really. 
As technical, light, lewd, violent, funny, somber, or scary as you are! 

Prize Provided by
Broken Things
Legacy of Mana (Hardcover)

An anti-magic themed, warlords campaign guide by Team Lynnvander and Norse Foundry. Welcome to Imaria, where all magic is alive, yet no magic is safe.

Prize Provided by
Hunters Entertainment LLC
Outbreak: Deep Space (Hardcover)


Outbreak: Deep Space is a Sci-Fi Survival Horror RPG that allows you to create your own nightmare world in the realm of Deep Space. Created using the same gritty, deadly, and unforgivable settings that you’d expect from the creators of Outbreak: Undead.
O:DS is a open world system that allows you to build 3 types of settings of Horror:

Infestation -
Creatures who mutate or bend the laws of nature, be it man-made or extraterrestrial.

Invasion -
Aliens with vastly superior technology to our own. This isn't war, it's slaughter. 

Trans Dimensional -
Vast Horrors from another reality, bending time and space and twisting the minds of man in it's wake.

For Players:
Choose from a wide variety of Character options, even use yourself as a template to build off of for immediate immersion!
Fluid Chracter Advancements and Unique party Roles (be the 'morale center', or 'gun nut' of the group!).
Fully customizable gear options to make any weapon, armor or device your sci-fi imagination can devise!
Go on GM designated 'Missions' to earn Survival Points and unlock a Finale to your Survival Horror Adventure!
For GM's:

As your players generate 'RISK' with their actions, you can choose to use RISK to purchase a wide variety of hazards and upgrades during the game!
A simple Encounter Based System, which keeps gameplay either scripted and structured, or fast and loose!
Run Single Session Horrors or Sweeping Campaigns of Terror
Build Dread Slowly, or create action/adventure moments of gameplay!
Random Scenario Generators

No two games will ever be alike, as the ability to generate random scenario objectives, will allow a GM to experiment and weave narratives to link the randomly generated events together. Storytelling just got a lot easier now that you know the main plot points! The GM is always free to invent their own objectives and, more importantly, their own dramatic endings

We don't ask the Question *If* you're going to die. But *how* and *what will you accomplish* in that time?

Prize Provided by
McNabb Games
The Scouts of Whitefall (softcover)

Deep in the snows between the setting sun and the rising moon, the ork-kin of Ogrymym'non ran the adventurer's to the ground. The fifth day out from Courolempierre, a mere three day's from the solstice, they found themselves surrounded, low on provisions, and foot-sore with a fight before them. Fortune, it is said, favors the bold. They took a few huddled moments  to sharpen their blades, and throw off their pack's. Tonight they would escape the foul ork kin, or they would sup together in the halls of the gods.

The Scouts of Whitefall is an adventure for the Morgalad Game System by John R. L. McNabb.

Prize Provided by
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Entropic Gaming System (Softcover)

The Entropic Gaming System is a new tabletop role-playing rules system for any genre and subgenre. Its baseline design is meant to embrace Shadowed Earth, allowing for multiple eras and influencing genres to utilize the same set of mechanics with little to no changes necessary. Designed with the principle of allowing maximum flexibility with fewer rules, characters can vary widely while still retaining the depth of their background, providing players with the means to translate their character concepts into something fully usable on the tabletop.

Using an escalating dice mechanic, from d4 through d12, a combination system that allows Skills to be combined with different Abilities to produce any possible action, character Qualities that can be used in-game to produce bonuses through Hero Points, and very flexible mechanics for combat and Talents, EGS keeps the rules medium while presenting players with more options and flexibility!

Whether it’s fantasy, sci-fi, modern action, pulp, or horror, the Entropic Gaming System can handle them all! Powered by the Open Gaming License, fans and Third Party Publishers can take advantage of the simple mechanics to make EGS THEIR game.

This Entropic Gaming System revised core rulebook includes:

  • All core mechanics.
  • Character creation.
  • A list of equipment.
  • Magic and Technology system known as Talents.
  • Gamemastering guidance.
  • Common adversaries.
  • An introductory adventure.
  • … and more!

Play in your setting, grab one of ours, or jump into a quick Entropic Adventure and experience the flexibility of the Entropic Gaming System that allows the game’s mechanics to conform to your character concept!

Prize Provided by
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Beyond the Firelight (hardcover)

Beyond the Firelight, a storytelling game of folkloric horror.
Just add dice.

It might look safe during the day, but when night falls, you never know what lies beyond the firelight.

- Grand Inquisitor Steel

Beyond the Firelight is a storytelling, tabletop roleplaying game of historical horror. It gathers its influences from traditional folklore and stories that kept the people from straying off the moral path or going out at night. It can be a game of investigation or survival as you and your friends attempt to discover what lies beyond the darkness around you.

Beyond the Firelight is a full core rulebook with all the mechanics necessary to play the game plus a collection of Adversaries for creating Scenarios. It includes:

The core mechanics
Example Play
25 Adversaries
Setting Guidance
... And more!
Beyond the Firelight is part of the fantasy horror alternate history known as Shadowed Earth. Players take on the roles of common folk, forced to face the horrors of the world.

Beyond the Firelight supports Creative Commons.

Experience the fantasy horror alternate history known as Shadowed Earth

Prize Provided by
Mystical Throne Entertainment
ScreenPlay Core Rulebook (Softcover)

Imagine a story of ancient warriors charged with recapturing an escaped demon or a band of modern day college detective solving crimes between classes. Maybe even a tale of rebellion in a steampunk version of 1890s France.

ScreenPlay is a co-operative storytelling game where players take on the role of Writers crafting the first draft of a script, novel, comic book series or whatever you can imagine. Working alongside your Director, you will build something truly original, exciting and engaging with only a few minutes prep time at the table. Build new characters on the fly and develop the plot as you play.

From the ENnie Award winning designer of Killshot: The Director’s Cut, prepare to play the story you’ve always wanted to tell.

Designer: Todd Crapper
System: ScreenPlay
Page Count: 92
Features: Complete rules, including character creation; blank character sheet, scene notes, table of contents, bookmarks, hyperlinks

Prize Provided by
Ral Partha Europe
Barbarian Warband

A band of 10 Warlords of Thain barbarians, including a musician, Patriarch/mage and several models that would be suitable leader options. Delivered unpainted.

Prize Provided by
Silver Gryphon Games
Wellstone City (softcover)

Good people live and work in the city. They carry out their lives and they try to ignore the crime and vice that exists all around them.

This is not their story.

This is not their City.

This is Wellstone.

Life in the big city is tough, no matter if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel or living high on the hog. The worth of a man is often measured by the price on his head and the amount of lead needed to bring him down. There is money to be made as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, no matter what side of the law you’re closest to.

Inside these pages you will find:

Full bookmarks for all chapters and major sections in the book
New Edges, Hindrances, and Setting Trappings geared for the dark alleys and gritty streets of Wellstone City
Over 50 pages of setting description and a detailed history of Wellstone City
NPCs, Crime Families and Organizations, Locations, and important people in the city
An introductory adventure, Public Transit Assassins
Public Transit Assassins is an adventure for Novice level characters or higher that demonstrates that life in Wellstone is tough. Sometimes you have to walk to a job, sometimes you have to do what you can with what you have; sometimes you have to take the bus.

Prize Provided by
Storyweaver Games
Rapture Core Rulebook and Confucious Setting for Rapture

The End of Days... is just the beginning. 

The year is 2644. Humanity has cast off religion and mi­grated to the stars. With science as the new savior, man­kind believed himself to be creating new Edens in the far flung heavens.

But God kept His promise. The day of Rapture came.

Those who walked the Earth with a righteous spirit and pure soul were taken into the loving arms of the Lord. Those who skulked with the devil, ignoring God's divine laws, have been cast aside to face the horrors awaiting all sinners. As promised, the Earth burned. The clouds evap­orated. The rule of man, of reason and science, came to an end.

But that was on Earth.

And not all of Mankind was on Earth.

These far flung few who remain, forgotten by God, or per­haps given a second chance, now face a future where good and evil have come into sharp relief; where science has proven to be a false idol, yet one that is vital for survival.

With communications between colonies severed, no one knows for sure what has befallen humanity. The isolated pockets of human colonists are returning to the old ways - political squabbling, superstition and factional infighting are on the rise. As a tide of distrust rises among the survi­vors, unexplainable horrors are emerging.

The legions of Satan are real...

And they are coming for you.

AetherCon VI • Online RPG Convention • November 10-12, 2017
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