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AetherCon VI November 10-12, 2017 Online RPG Convention
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Innovation Bundle Details
Single Bundle Draw, each confirmed player at an innovation table is eligible. The more games played, the more entries made. (Targeting New Publishers).
(# of Innovation Bundle Bundles being Awarded: 1)

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The Innovation Bundle contains the following prize items:

Prize Provided by
Arcanum Syndicate
Demon Gate core book (Hardcover)

“The darkness of this world cannot be broken by the fires of the twin suns Solys and Soth. Neither the Twelve Fates nor the Gods of Light will be able to break the paradigm to save what is left of the reign of mortals. It is written in the Books of the Tao, chiseled into the Tablets of Fate, and etched into the minds of all of the prophets who walk upon the surface of Koth that one day the Demon Gate will bring about the doom of our world. Everything ends and everything begins, so it is said and so it is written. So shall the cycle continue to evolve and then perhaps a time will arise where there is no more war.”
-Rynthro of Candle Street in Northwater

Some claim that this realm we live in now is Hell; the old world died during the Age of Falling and the Demon Gate is a passage to the Black Plane where those vile monsters that inflict and revel in suffering reside. Many believe that they are changing our world, merging realms into one by crushing all who oppose. Flying the Narcadian flag the Stygian army is completing the Trials of Belial, Baal the Deceiver; he whom tricked us into believing that he was the one true God of creation. He now consumes the realm with the Vatagi under his wing, cambion warriors that are powerful half demons; they breathe hatred and lies to all mortals and promise salvation for their servitude. We are doomed, we dwell in a life of shadow where it feels hopeless and mortals live wicked lives. Are we to be punished by the sins of every mortal? Shall my children suffer the same fate as the thief, the rapist, the murderer? Where are the true Gods of Dawn and where are their armies to defend us? Perhaps this is Hell and the Veil is the first sign that it is happening? Where are our heroes?

Prize Provided by
Atlantis Miniatures
Dwarf Male Unit

From Atlantis Miniatures, the winner will receive an amazing collection of 10 28mm scale dwarves, armed with hammers and axes.  Miniature will be provided unpainted and unassembled.

Prize Provided by
Demented Games
Winner's Choice - Resin Miniature

From Demented Games, the winner will receive a miniature of their choice from their Twisted line of steampunk-themed creations.

Prize Provided by
Drop Dead Studios
Spheres of Might (Softcover)

Spheres of Might is a new system for handling martial prowess in Pathfinder and other D20 roleplaying games.

Barbarians, swashbucklers, knights, rogues; in the world of high adventure and fantasy roleplay, few things are as iconic as the martial warrior. From Conan the Barbarian, to Aragorn, or King Arthur and his knights, these champions of steel and valor stand on the front lines, battling foes beyond the comprehension of lesser mortals, and make the impossible seem like child's play.

Spheres of Might is a book for them.

Prize Provided by
The Zombie Squad - Director's Cut (Softcover)

You are an ex-military prisoner, yanked from your cold stone cell on death row and offered the choice to die by firing squad or die redeeming yourself for the good of humanity. With the worst equipment, the worse missions and a survival rate so low you are termed the walking dead, because officially you are. Your unit designation is Penal Squad 113, but with those Deaths Heads on your lapels you are known simply as THE ZOMBIE SQUAD.

Prize Provided by
Lynnvander Studios
Legacy of Mana (Hardcover)

An anti-magic themed, warlords campaign guide by Team Lynnvander and Norse Foundry. Welcome to Imaria, where all magic is alive, yet no magic is safe.

Prize Provided by
McNabb Games
The Scouts of Whitefall (softcover)

Deep in the snows between the setting sun and the rising moon, the ork-kin of Ogrymym'non ran the adventurer's to the ground. The fifth day out from Courolempierre, a mere three day's from the solstice, they found themselves surrounded, low on provisions, and foot-sore with a fight before them. Fortune, it is said, favors the bold. They took a few huddled moments  to sharpen their blades, and throw off their pack's. Tonight they would escape the foul ork kin, or they would sup together in the halls of the gods.

The Scouts of Whitefall is an adventure for the Morgalad Game System by John R. L. McNabb.

Prize Provided by
Pangolin Press
Salt in Wounds Package

Winner of this item will receive a softcover copy of The Adequate Commoner and one package of Tarrasque Jerky.  OK, It's actually alligator jerky.  But it comes in a cool Tarrasque Jerky package!

Prize Provided by
Paths to Adventure
Big Book of Maps (Hardcover)

The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games is a cartography collection containing over 200 maps designed for use with your favorite tabletop roleplaying games created by professional fantasy cartographer Justin Andrew Mason. 

Perhaps you ...
Need a treasure trove of maps at the ready for the adventure or campaign you're writing?
Want a ready-to-use codex of over 200 maps to utilize on-the-fly when player characters take an unexpected turn?

Labels on the maps are language-ambiguous (numbers and single letters only), making the entire map collection useful no matter the native language of users

Most maps are geared towards a fantasy setting, though a few will likely have potential of crossing genres. The focus of this collection is dungeon maps, but also includes various subterranean complexes like caverns, tunnels and mines, as well as useful map locales such as ships and urban environments including city dwellings.

Included with this hardbound edition is a PDF collection of the maps, suitable for use on your favorite virtual tabletop system.

Prize Provided by
Star Hat Miniatures
Star Hat Party Pack

From Star Hat Miniatures, the winner will receive the Star Hat Party Pack, containing miniatures from Star Hat's latest Kickstarter, Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III!  The Party Pack features a total of 17 miniature figures, including legendary heroes such as Victor the Exhumer, Ganduck the Wizzard, and Vel'Qhar the Peeper!

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