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Keburil Kotsboddle - Halfing Ranger and Rancher with a score to settle - Stanley Morrison

"Y'all cross me," spits "Y'all best better have yer affairs in order."


Krultok Azgraatugan – War Priest, Violent Vessel of the Void and Lumberjack. - By Eric Lofgren

“Time to maked some clearcutting! Who beed first?"


Edouard The Gallic Rooster Henrique - Scholar, Explosives Expert, Pitchfork Revolutionary. - By Cristián Montes

It has been said that history is written by the victors. If this is so, then consider me its editor.


Carver 'Crash' Doering - Wandering Knucklehead, Lunatic for Hire, Captain of the 'Loopy Sue'. - By Jon Gibbons

"Looks like we got us some road-kill Irvette!"


Brindlebee Burrbonnet – Halfling Homemaker and Mother of Four whose favourite hobbies include Cauldron Cooking and Gating Planar Beings. - By Kai Ortmann

“Manners young man!”


Gartelgarn Coalcrusher - Artilleryman 1st class, Medium Airship 'Hammer of Dargrul', 4th Fleet, Republic of Zarkantar - By Jordy Lakiere

"You just stay right there, you scaly varmint...Stay right there...See what I've got for you."


Malthazas Rhyllanor - Forester, Protector of Beasts and the Avenging Hand of Nature - By Brent Chumley

“Sometimes, in order for the hunter to truly appreciate that which he hunts for more than a trophy to hang above his hearth, he needs to be made to look through the eyes of his prey.”


Izael ‘Deeds’ McBride - Lone Bountyhunter of the Apocalypse - By Patrick McEvoy

"Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed."


Grendorey Hu Maggrath - Tower of the Upplands, Mountain of High Harrow - By Will O'Brien

“Methinks that be the last time you call me kilt a dress with a grin and a snicker, aye laddies?”


Mirri the Mouse - Wisp in the Shadows, Thief in the Night, Singer of Songs of the Siren - By Ian Llanas

“Didn’t your mother warn you about girls like me?”


Brombozzle Brumbleburr - Gnomish Skirmisher, Scout, and Non-Sufferer of Fools - By Aaron B. Miller

“Those blasted wallwalkers better have the gates closed! They’re coming!”


'One-Eyed' Jarmby Mudgelmurk - Dirk in your Back, Knife at your Throat - By Chris Malidore

“Killing from a distance, that’s for cowards. Fighting a man face to face is for idiots. I may be small, but I’m no coward and I’m certainly not an idiot.”


Drindera 'The Abacus' Saldamaar - Half Elf Sorceress, Bookkeeper, and Mathematical Prodigy - By André de Freitas Cardozo

"You do realize of course that this fireball will utterly incinerate 68.44% of you and severely burn the other 31.56% right?"


Tyrhythias Eldorion - Caller of Avians, Hunter of Bandits, Thieves and Thugs - By Jaana Heiska

"There is a reason they call me the Master of Birds! Now you know what it is!"


Harzgrin Stouthammer - Dwarven Gardener, Arcanist and somewhat excitable Monk - By Paul Abrams

“Hammersparks and cinders! Quit telling me to calm down! I am calm!!!”


Anton “The Hammer” Brickshaw - Heavy Artillery Expert, Immoveable Object, Unstoppable Force - By Anton Kagounkin Magdalina

“In a place like this, you need two things: A liver that don’t quit and a haymaker you only need to use once..... Still, it ain’t no bad idea to have a back-up.”


Varda Rils - Vampire, Layabout and general Ne’er-do-well - By Axel E. Alonso Bravo

“I’d feed off of him but I’m lactose intolerant... His lucky day I guess.”


Klandeggin Moltenfist - Army Chaplain, Munitions Expert and Ocassional Booby-Trapper of Occupied Latrines - By André de Freitas Cardozo