Competitive Dungeons & Dragons at AetherCon 2022

  • Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021

AetherCon is an online convention that’s been taking place for over 10 years now and is regarded as one of the biggest conventions in the gaming world. Online conventions are a more cost-friendly version of a physical one, due to the fact there are no lodging and flight tickets that need to be bought. Since it’s all streamed online, a higher number of attendees are present and it’s also completely free to anyone who wishes to join! All of these games will be available via the Roll 20 site, which is a popular free virtual tabletop that allows users to play together online in real-time.

AetherCon 2022

The AetherCon 2022 will be a weekend filled with fun and exciting pen and paper RPG games enjoyed by millions all over the world. These online games are created by some of the best developers in the industry so that you can truly get an immersive gaming experience like no other. It’s also a perfect place to meet like-minded people with the same interests and try out several new games. There are also several opportunities to win fun prizes and bonuses, and all you need to do to get a chance to win is simply play the selected games.

AetherCon is always finding ways to make this online convention bigger and better, and in 2022, they will be giving players the option to bet online via esports betting sites, adding an extra layer of excitement to all spectators who are attending this online convention virtually. One of the games that spectators can bet on will be competitive Dungeons and Dragons, which is a more competitive version of the classic Dungeons and Dragons game.

All About Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons was invented way back in 1974, by two American game designers Ernest Gary Gygax and David Arneson. In recent years, this game has exponentially increased in popularity, and this is because it’s featured in many different series and films. The story of Dungeons and Dragons is also the basis of many popular movies of our time, especially in fantasy and sci-fi genres. Due to its popularity, you’ll always find Dungeons and Dragos included in any kind of RPG convention nowadays, and fans of the game are always finding ways to make this game bigger and better.

If you’ve never played this game before, all you’ll need is a set of dice, a pen and paper, and a lot of imagination. As with any RPG game, the game is heavily based on storytelling. Here, the players need to take the role of a character that fits into the D&D World, such as a fighter or a cleric. This character will represent the player during the game, and they are free to choose its race, class, personality, and even appearance. In any RPG Game, you’ll also find a gamemaster who controls the storytelling of the game and makes sure that everyone is following the rules. In the D&D world, this gamemaster is referred to as ‘The Dungeon Master’, and their role is to create the backstory of the game and manage the adventures in the game by following the rulebook.

Competitive Dungeons & dragons: D&D Sports

Dungeons and Dragons has been around for a long time, and as previously mentioned, game developers are always finding ways for classic games to remain relevant. At the 2022 Aethercon convention, there will be a more competitive version of Dungeons & Dragons available. This has been aptly titled D&D Sports, created by the platform ‘Encounter Roleplayer’, who have fused the competitive nature of esports with tabletop gaming.

This is the first time that this will be happening at this convention, so fans all over the world are very excited to see how this will pan out. Competitive Dungeons and Dragons will be similar to other popular esports, such as League of Legends, which is one of the most popular esports games available. To make things more exciting during this convention, there will also be a grand prize of $5,000.

How Will Competitive Dungeons & Dragons Work?

The game will be composed of two teams made up of four characters and these will be located in a dungeon where they will need to fight for their lives in order to win. All players will have 15 characters to choose from, and each of these characters will have their distinctive traits, personalities, and characteristics.

In addition, the competition will make use of a Pick/Ban system which is very similar to other MOBA tournaments around the globe. Of course, each game will have a dungeon master and the game will still be heavily based on role-playing, however, since this is an esports, the center of attention here will be on the combat element of the game. These four teams will compete in a single-elimination format, and the winner will be chosen based on three battles. For more information regarding D&D Sports, you can see how it works on the RPG sports video channel.

Betting Options at AetherCon 2022

Esports are very popular in today’s world, so there’s a good chance that this competitive Dungeons & Dragons game will attract a huge crowd to the convention. The League of Legends tournament back in 2016 attracted over 40 million people alone. AetherCon, as previously mentioned, will also be adding a betting feature in 2022, which is likely to attract a new group of people to the convention.

During the event, there will be an option for players to place bets on different games and different players. Betting on Dungeons & Dragons was already tested out in real-life before this convention, but the idea never seemed to catch on. However, it’s likely that bringing this betting feature online will make it more successful since esports bettors usually place their bets online rather than in person.